Murder in Paradise is Dead!

Murder in Paradise is Dead!

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I got a chance to speak to two of the founders of Paradise nail spa.

First, they were on a flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas to speak about their business, which has grown to become a popular resort and spa in Vegas.

 “I love that people are coming to see us, and they’re coming for free, so that’s a huge plus,” said Jason Gebhart, co-founder and CEO.

The second co-founders is a local resident of Paradise, whose name is unknown.

“I have heard it’s an amazing spa, and it’s going to be a real good addition to the resort,” she said.

In order to operate the resort, Gebart and his colleagues needed to secure the state’s approval to open their new business.

They went to the Nevada Legislature and secured $100 million in tax breaks to open Paradise.

Gebhart said they are “thrilled” with the positive response to the new spa.

Paradise was one of the first nail salons to come online.

“[We] went out to Las Velez and to the Strip and said, ‘we want to open up a nail salon,'” he said.

“And it didn’t take too long to get it off the ground, because everyone said, we’re going to go see Paradise, and everyone said ‘yes, we want to go to Paradise.’

And that was it.”

Gebart said the first three months were “phenomenal,” but now the resort is operating at capacity.

As for the death of Paradise?

“That’s going pretty well,” he said with a laugh.

According to Gebarts website, Paradise is a “vintage style of nail spa that brings in the best in fresh, natural, organic, local and seasonal ingredients, along with the most advanced spa care and grooming.”

Paradise is owned by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, which also owns and operates casinos and resorts in other states.

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