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How to get the best lashes in your lashes

August 18, 2021 Comments Off on How to get the best lashes in your lashes By admin

A woman in China is the envy of many women in the UK and she has perfected the art of mascara.

In a video posted on her Facebook page, 32-year-old Lixin Jiaqing from Shanghai, China is shown on her homemade mascara in her home.

Lixin says she has spent years experimenting with different types of eyelashes and making a range of different types.

“There’s so many different styles, they’re all so good,” she says in the video.

Her collection is so large that she now has a full time job as a makeup artist.

It is not just about the looks though.

She also uses her homemade lash cream to help with the build up of mascara that often occurs during a full lash.

When she uses it on her face, the mascara curls up in a way that makes her look more voluptuous and full.

“When I use mascara on my lips, it’s so full,” she said.

“But on my eyelashes it curls down into a perfect line.”

In China, people can only purchase a limited number of eyelash creams.

In the UK, many lash creams are available at drugstores, while online sales have slowed in recent years.

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