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How to create your own nightlife paradise

September 26, 2021 Comments Off on How to create your own nightlife paradise By admin

A new breed of nightlife resort is taking off in Australia, as the government’s new nightlife guidelines are being rolled out across the country.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics says in November 2018 the number of licensed premises in the country grew by 5 per cent.

But there’s a big caveat, with only 12 per cent of them licensed for nightlife.

The government has promised a range of new nightspots including the “world’s first fully licensed community nightspot”.

But what are these nightspotted venues and where can they be found?

Here’s our guide to nightspot locations across Australia.1.

The Golden Mile and Riverview Hotel, Perth2.

West End, Sydney3.

Swanston Beach, Melbourne4.

The Riverview, Brisbane5.

Bayswater, Brisbane6.

The Swanston, Sydney7.

The Sunset, Sydney8.

The Sunshine, Melbourne9.

The Waterfront, Brisbane10.

The Beach, Brisbane11.

The Sun, Brisbane12.

The Gold Coast, Brisbane13.

The Royal Perth, Perth14.

The Perth CBD, Perth15.

The Harbour, Perth16.

The City of Perth, Western Australia17.

The CBD, Western Australian18.

The Great Northern, Brisbane19.

The Docklands, Melbourne20.

The Sydney CBD, Sydney21.

The Domain, Sydney22.

The Grand River, Sydney23.

The Blue Mountains, New South Wales24.

The Northern Territory25.

The Western Australia Capital Region, New Zealand26.

The Gippsland region, New Australia27.

The North Island, New New Zealand28.

The Mackay Peninsula, WA29.

The Fraser Valley, British Columbia30.

The South Island, Canada31.

The Eastern Shore, Canada32.

The Yukon Territory, Canada33.

The Northwest Territories, Canada34.

The Nunavut Territory, North America35.

The Arctic Ocean, New Brunswick36.

The Antarctic, Antarctica37.

The Atlantic Ocean, Canada38.

The Gulf of Mexico, Florida39.

The Caribbean Sea, Caribbean40.

The Indian Ocean, Australia41.

The Pacific Ocean, Japan42.

The Southern Ocean, South America43.

The Bering Sea, Alaska44.

The Bay of Bengal, India45.

The New Zealand Coral Sea, New Guinea46.

The Coral Sea of Hawaii, New Caledonia47.

The Australian Coral Sea and Antarctic Sea, Australia48.

The Weddell Sea, Australian South Pacific49.

The Arabian Sea, Oman50.

The Galapagos Islands, New Mexico51.

The Sunda Strait, Indonesia52.

The Yellow Sea, Indonesia53.

The Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea54.

The East China Sea, China55.

The Philippine Sea, Philippines56.

The Strait of Malacca, Malaysia57.

The Exclusive Economic Zone, Malaysia58.

The Falkland Islands, Scotland59.

The Caspian Sea, Russian Federation60.

The Black Sea, Russia61.

The Sea of Okhotsk, Russia62.

The Persian Gulf, Iran63.

The Red Sea, Iran64.

The Chukchi Sea, North Korea65.

The Baltic Sea, Lithuania66.

The Central Pacific, Japan67.

The West Antarctic Ice Sheet, Antarctica68.

The Siberian Ocean, Russia69.

The Komi Republic, Japan70.

The Nantucket Sound, Massachusetts, US71.

The Cook Islands, British Overseas Territory72.

The Hawaiian Islands, Australian Overseas Territories73.

The Papuan Islands, United Republic of Tanzania74.

The Philippines, Philippine Overseas Islands75.

The French Polynesia, French Territories76.

The United States Virgin Islands, US Territory77.

The Republic of the Marshall Islands, Guam78.

The St. Helena Island, Ascension Island79.

The Monterey Bay Islands, Monterey, California80.

The Territory of Cocos Islands, Cocos, Cocoa, United States81.

The American Samoa, Samoa82.

The Kiribati Islands, Kiribatsua, Pacific Ocean83.

The Maldives, Maldives84.

The Tuvalu Islands, Tuvaluu, Pacific Territory85.

The Vanuatu Islands, Vanuatu, Pacific Islands86.

The Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Micronesia87.

The Federated States of Micronesias, Federated State of Samoa, Micronutrocks88.

The British Indian Ocean Territory, British Indian Territory89.

The Marshall Islands (South Pacific), Marshall Islands90.

The Marianas, Marshall Islands91.

The Papua New Guinean Territory, PapuaNewGuinea92.

The Fiji Islands, Fiji93.

The Palau Islands, Palau94.

The Turks and Caicos Islands (including Guam), Turks and Calcutta95.

The Bahamas, Bahamas96.

The Commonwealth of Independent States, the Republic of Kiribatis, the Maldives97.

The Democratic Republic of Congo, the Democratic Republic Of The Congo98.

The Russian Federation, the Federal


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