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How to make the perfect sushi at Paradise Restaurant

August 26, 2021 Comments Off on How to make the perfect sushi at Paradise Restaurant By admin

Paradise Restaurant in Paradise, Florida, is known for its premium sushi.

But if you’ve ever eaten there, you’ll know that the restaurant’s owners don’t use a ton of fresh produce.

Instead, they use fish from nearby islands to create their sushi.

Paradise owner and chef Shigehiro Nakamura uses only the freshest ingredients and takes a lot of care to ensure that everything is cooked to perfection.

He said he used to order a large amount of fish for his menu, but now only serves two to three fish per day.

The chef said that he prefers the fish to be prepared before and after the dinner service.

The chef, who goes by Shige, said that the food served at Paradise is always freshly prepared and very flavorful.

It is his favorite place to cook and he loves the way the food is cooked.

Shige said that they like to add extra ingredients to the sushi as well as garnish the plates with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Shigima said that if you’re looking for a sushi restaurant to try, Paradise is the place to go.

He added that he doesn’t mind if you come for lunch or dinner.

He added that it is best to arrive a little earlier for a better experience.

Paradise Restaurant is located at 1413 E. Airport Blvd., Paradise, FL 32960.

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