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Trump: I have nothing against women’s rights

July 3, 2021 Comments Off on Trump: I have nothing against women’s rights By admin

President Donald Trump has said he would not support an amendment to the Republican tax bill that would prohibit a taxpayer from receiving a taxpayer’s tax credit if he or she has sex with a woman who is under age 18.

“It’s a great thing if you want to go out and have a little fun,” Trump told Fox News’s Sean Hannity on Thursday.

“But when you go out, you’re going to get caught,” Trump added, “and you’re not going to be allowed to have that fun, because you’re married to the woman.

So, I’m not going there.””

I’m not gonna support that,” Trump said.

“I think that’s terrible.

It’s a terrible thing.”

The president has not yet responded to questions about the amendment.

Trump’s comments came as House Republicans in conference committee passed a measure that would prevent the deduction of child care expenses paid by taxpayers.

The measure passed the House on Thursday after GOP leaders secured a crucial 60 votes.

The Senate passed the measure Wednesday, 51-49, after Democratic leaders secured enough GOP support to overcome a filibuster.

Trump, who has repeatedly said he will veto the bill, also has yet to comment on the amendment, which would prevent taxpayers from deducting the cost of child-care expenses.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican, said he does not believe the amendment is necessary and called the bill “a terrible bill” in a statement.

“The President is correct: this bill is a terrible bill.

We cannot afford to have millions of Americans with no children left to care for and that is why he is going to veto it,” Ryan said.

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