The best place in Australia to live for the next 10 years

The best place in Australia to live for the next 10 years

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Posted May 14, 2018 05:13:17 The last 10 years have been pretty rough for Australians, but the next few years will be even worse, according to a new report.

The report, titled The Cost of Living 2017, says Australia is now a more expensive place to live than it was in 2013, and the worst year for property prices since 1991.

“A number of factors are contributing to this,” Professor Matthew Johnson, of the University of Adelaide’s Institute of Housing Economics, told ABC News.

“One is the cost of housing, the cost to live is rising, and as a result we’re going to be spending more than ever on housing,” he said.

“And there’s also the impact of other things like the health and education system.”

Professor Johnson said he didn’t think the impact would stop as Australia became wealthier.

“I think the cost is going to continue to rise.

We’re not going to stop because we’re wealthier, we’re just going to keep going to the same place that we’re at now,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

We’re still going to get a lot of the same people who are moving in, but we’re not getting the same proportion of the population coming in.”

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